What is a Community Health Center (CHC)?

Community Health Centers—also called health centers and federally qualified health centers—are private, nonprofits that provide primary care in medically underserved areas. CHCs are the largest network of primary care providers in the country, providing care to over 26 million Americans including over 260,000 Oklahomans. CHCs treat all patients regardless of ability to pay or insurance status. CHCs use sliding fee scales based on patients’ incomes, have after-hours coverage, meet extensive accountability requirements, and are governed by patient-majority boards that reflect the communities they serve.

Where are Oklahoma CHCs?

Oklahoma's Community Health Center community has grown from 6 locations in 2001 to 120 sites today! 

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What does OKPCA offer?

OKPCA serves its members and the public. OKPCA offers training and technical assistance to community-based health care organizations and advocates for accessible health care for all Oklahomans.

How can I contact OKPCA?

Use our contact form, email [email protected], or call 1-800-454-4412. To request technical assistance, use this form or email [email protected]